Portfolio Services

Whether through single fund or portfolio solutions, our multi-asset capabilities leave you with more time to build relationships with clients.​

Our multi-asset solutions are tailored to various different needs, but they also have a few things in common: They are backed by over 45 years of experience in index and multi-asset investing, and they are based on our four investing principles. All our multi-asset solutions take a goal-oriented, disciplined approach, offering clients a balanced investment at a low cost. ​

Vanguard Model Portfolios​

With the Vanguard model portfolios, you as an adviser can offer your clients an investment strategy suited to their specific needs - from defensive to growth-oriented. This saves you time and resources for portfolio construction while offering your clients a professionally constructed portfolio at favourable rates.​

Ten risk profiles from 10 to 100% equity allocation​

Low-cost, market-cap-weighted, global portfolios made up of six building blocks​

Fixed income allocation protected from currency risk and invested only in the investment-grade bonds​

Portfolios available in CHF, EUR or USD​

Rebalancing data compiled by Vanguard on a quarterly basis​​

Each model portfolio is built on the same four principles for investment success – goals, cost, balance, discipline. And on the investment and research expertise of one of the world’s largest asset managers.​

Model Portfolio Solutions

With our selection of 10 model portfolios ranging from 10% to 100% equity exposure, you can create cost-efficient and transparent multi-asset portfolios for your clients. Our model portfolios are simple solutions with only 6 underlying Vanguard building blocks as well as a favourable total expense ratio of 0.13 – 0.15% on average.​ ​

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Model Portfolio Solutions are directed at professional investors only and are not intended for retail investors.

Vanguard Portfolio Analytics & Consulting

Overseeing client investment portfolios can be complex and time-consuming for advisers. Vanguard’s Portfolio Analytics & Consulting service frees up resources and offers advisers:

  • A holistic overview of client portfolios to identify tilts, biases, gaps and concentrations.
  • Back-tested portfolio performance vs. an investable, market capitalisation index-based benchmark.
  • Correlation analysis of underlying investments.

Our analysts can identify unintended biases and risks in a portfolio and work with you to determine potential solutions.

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Vanguard’s Portfolio Analytics & Consulting service is directed at professional investors only and are not intended for retail investors.

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