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Q: How can I invest in your Mutual Funds/ETFs from Switzerland country?

A: As you are interested in investing from Switzerland, we can confirm that you may invest in our mutual funds directly, but our ETFs would only be available through brokers, which you should source independently as we are unable to make any recommendations.

Q: Are there any minimum investment requirements?

A: Yes, our Mutual Funds are subject to a minimum of 1,000,000 per fund, in the currency of the investment. ETFs do not typically have a minimum investment requirement, however, that might differ depending on the broker.

Q: If I wanted to invest directly, who can I contact to invest directly with Vanguard?

A: You can contact directly our Transfer Agent, BBH,  for our Irish domiciled funds who will be able to provide details on the account opening process for private investors and account opening documents.
Contact details for BBH are as follows: 
Telephone: +00 353 1241 7144

Q: What services would I receive if I opened an account directly through BBH?

A: An account set up with BBH would be established on an execution only basis for our Irish domiciled funds.

Q: Do you offer any tax advice or investment advice?

A: Vanguard do not actively market products to individual investors outside of the US and the UK and hence we offer a very limited service to any direct investor who is based in a country where our funds are registered; as such, we do not offer tax or investment advice. 

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